Xcellerator Has Helped Sellers Manage Over Orders And $ In Sales Globally On Amazon (Live Sales Data)

Get The Only Tool That Makes Running Out Of Stock On Amazon A Thing Of The Past
It'll even tell you exactly when and how many units you need to reorder...pretty cool huh?
Make Understanding The Number Behind Your Amazon Business Simple
Over a period of just 3 years, we estimate that we lost almost $1.5m in lost sales for one simple, annoying reason...

We ran out of stock.

After searching high and low for a piece of software that could help our private label Amazon business stay in stock, we were shocked to see that there wasn't one tool that could give us access to:
  • Next level stock management - our unique algorithm monitors your sales history and is able to learn how your Amazon business runs. From here, we're able to tell you accurately how many sales you're going to make in the future.
  • Leave running out of stock to the amateurs - once we understand your sales cycles, we're able to tell you exactly how many items you need to order and when - this makes running out of stock a thing of the past.
  • 20+ years of knowledge packed into one tool - we've been selling online for over 20 years cumulatively. We've downloaded our collective brains into this tool. It's like having an online expert helping you make ridiculously intelligent decisions all day, every day.
How Can Xcellerator Boost Your Amazon Business?
Manage Your Stock Like A Seasoned Pro
We've spoken to thousands of Amazon sellers across the globe and can tell you from first hand experience that most sellers have absolutely no idea how to manage their stock effectively. The net result? Most sellers run out of stock all the time. We know...before we had Xcellerator that was US. Over a 3 year period, we estimate that we lost over $1.5m in sales because we couldn't manage our stock effectively.
Guarantee Product Profitability With Ease
Another thing we learned after speaking to countless Amazon sellers was this...most sellers calculate their profitability with spreadsheets. We remember the days when we would have multiple spreadsheets that would all link to one another. It was highly inefficient and a waste of time. Xcellerator can calculate the exact profitability of every single one of your items in every single country in seconds. 
Understand The Real Numbers Driving Your Business
One thing's for sure...understand the real numbers driving your Amazon business is certainly not the sexiest or most exciting part of the business...but it's absolutely where the money is made. So many sellers utilise reports inside Seller Central to manage their business. But the problem with that this this...Seller Central doesn't understand anything about your products - where they come from, how much they cost, how long it takes for them to get into stock. 

Xcellerator does...and once you understand these key numbers driving your business...you'll scale your business like never before. 
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