Product Profile

Centralized product management

Manage all your products in one cerntalized area and add additional documents and information to each product. Upload packaging and instruction manuals, connect products to your manufacturers, add research keywords, manage your stock numbers , and use our proprietary Amazon Profit Calculator to see how well your products sell and the profits they generate.

Profit Calculator

Know exactly how much profit your products are generating

With our simple point-and-click system you can see how well a particular product sells, what the associated Amazon fees are, estimated shipping costs and the suggested selling price to instantly increase your profitability per product.


Manage and maintain your factory information

Xcellerator has built-in factory support that lets you create and manage contact information for the products you have manufactured. With unlimited factories you can finally ditch your spreadsheets and stop looking through your emails to find a manufacturer's information.

7 Countries

One account connects up to 7 countries at the same time

Other software solutions only support one or two countries and then you need to create a new account and pay another subscription fee. With Xcellerator you can access every country you sell in with a single account and only one subscription fee.

Purchase Orders

Keep track of the orders you place with your manufacturers

Still using multiple spreadsheets? Now you can access the orders you place with your manufacturers at any point in time. You can control where the order is (in production, in transit or finished) and access historical orders for your reference at any time.


Find all your sales from up to 7 countries on one page

With just one account you can search for and find sales made in multiple countries and what products were purchased in that order. Goodbye multiple Seller Central accounts, hello easy access!


Generate reports

With our point-and-click report generator, you can look at your sales from multiple countries for each day, week and month in a simple line graph, along with all the associated information for each order. As always, this is available on a single page.

For ultimate control, reports can be generated by a single SKU, a certain set of SKU's or all SKU's.

Download the graph and the information as a pdf to share with your business partners or accountants.

Stock Reports

Understand and know when you need to order more stock

Xcellerator's advanced algorithms help you understand when you will run out of stock. Generate a Stock Report based on a single SKU, a certain set of SKU's, all SKU's or by a factory that products are made from.

You can see your run rates (how many you sell per day), a product's health, current stock quantities, if any products are in production, if any products are in transit and how long you have until you'll run out of stock.

Download the information as a pdf to share with your business partners or accountants.


Register your companies

Register your companies with Xcellerator to further customize your Xcellerator experience.

Cancellation Policy

Cancel at any time

You can cancel your subscription to Xcellerator whenever you want. All we ask for is your feedback to improve our service.

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